Terrace shelters and mobile veranda

ESPACE COVER has specialized in swimming pool , terrace and spa for over 23 years. We offer tailor-made solutions to cover all types of terraces , whether large or small, by offering a wide range of telescopic terrace shelters and mobile verandas . We have a similar technicality to the veranda and use a spacer assembly to offer a variety of roofs in glass, cellular polycarbonate or sandwich panel , as well as safety glazing and double glazing .

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Our shelters

Telescopic terrace shelters for all tastes

Glass terrace shelters

ESPACE COVER offers a wide range of glass terrace shelters . These shelters allow you to enjoy a breathtaking view of your garden while being protected from bad weather . They can be equipped with blinds to regulate the sunshine and lighting to prolong the summer evenings .

Sliding terrace shelters

Our sliding terrace shelters are ideal for large terraces . They offer great flexibility of use and can open and close easily to adapt to weather conditions. They can also be equipped with a motorized system for optimal comfort .

Mobile verandas for an extension of your home

Retractable / telescopic / mobile / transparent verandas

We also offer mobile verandas for an extension of your home . These verandas can be extended or retracted as needed, thus offering great flexibility of use. They allow you to enjoy your terrace while being protected from bad weather and wind. Retractable conservatories can be installed on all types of land and are often used to extend living and leisure spaces , or to add an extra room to the home .

These verandas are also transparent, which allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of your garden or the surrounding landscapes. They are often equipped with reinforced thermal insulation , making them perfect for year-round use.

Undeniable advantages

Mobile conservatories have many advantages, including:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Great flexibility of use
  • A panoramic view of the exterior
  • Reinforced thermal insulation for year -round use
  • Protection against bad weather and wind
  • Much less burdensome administrative procedures
  • An extension of your house without having to carry out work

In short, mobile verandas are a practical, aesthetic and economical solution to expand your home and enjoy your garden in all seasons . Covering your terrace with a tailor-made shelter offers great flexibility and protection against bad weather , while improving the aesthetics of your outdoor space . Whether you prefer a retractable wooden pergola or a mobile aluminum veranda , there are a multitude of options to suit your needs. Glass or polycarbonate terrace shelters allow natural light while offering optimal thermal insulation . With solar shelters or motorized terrace shelters , you can enjoy your terrace all year round . Trackless patio shelters, sliding patio shelters and retractable verandas offer great freedom of movement. In addition to our terrace shelter solutions , discover our spa shelters available to meet your tastes and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the different models available and to obtain a tailor-made quote .