Pool shelters

Pool enclosures are a wise investment for pool owners . They significantly extend the swimming season , protect your pool from leaves and debris , and reduce your pool maintenance costs . ESPACE COVER is a company specializing in high-end swimming pool, terrace and spa . With 23 years of experience, we offer a wide range of products that suit every need. We offer a complete range of covers for swimming pools and verandas . The enclosures can be manual or automatic and can be adapted to different types and sizes of swimming pools . For projects for public use, we can produce large modules with a span of up to 30m .

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The different types of swimming pool enclosures

Flat polycarbonate swimming pool shelters

Pool owners looking for a discreet and elegant solution can opt for polycarbonate pool enclosures . These shelters provide protection from the elements while allowing a clear view of your pool . They are designed to be strong and durable , while providing effective protection against leaves and debris . Flat polycarbonate pool enclosures are available in several sizes and styles to suit all needs. All models of flat, low or mid-high swimming pool enclosures can be stored behind the pool in the storage area, allowing the pool to be completely freed .

Low automatic or manual swimming pool shelter

Are you looking for automated protection for your swimming pool ? Discover the automatic swimming pool enclosures which offer additional protection against the elements while allowing a clear view of your swimming pool . They are designed to be discreet and elegant, easy to use. Low automatic pool enclosures are available in several sizes and styles to suit all needs.

Mid-height swimming pool shelters without rail

height pool enclosures with or without ground rails depending on the flatness of the terrain are a practical solution for pool owners who want a discreet and stylish enclosure without compromising protection from the elements. These shelters enhance your swimming pool while allowing prolonged use of it. In addition to being available in several sizes and styles to meet all needs, mid-height trackless pool enclosures are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as absolute comfort of use in the off-season . Users can dry off and get dressed under the pool shelter . A significant touch of comfort.

High glass pool shelters

glass pool enclosures provide complete protection from the elements, while adding a touch of sophistication to your pool area . They are designed to be spacious and elegant, offering panoramic views of your pool and its surroundings . High glass pool enclosures allow extended use of your pool by keeping the water temperature warmer , while reducing maintenance costs . They are available in several sizes and styles to meet all the needs of your swimming space . These models offer a real living space around your swimming pool .

Other products and services offered by ESPACE COVER

Sliding swimming pool terrace (Moon Deck)

ESPACE COVER offers a wide range of sliding terraces for swimming pools . These terraces are designed to provide additional living space while protecting your swimming pool . Sliding decks are available in many sizes and styles to suit every need. Our Moon Deck Premium can reach a span of 11 meters in length in a single module.

The advantages of covering a swimming pool

There are several advantages to covering your swimming pool with a suitable cover . First, it helps reduce the amount of debris that can fall into the water , which reduces maintenance costs by limiting the need for cleaning and filtration . Additionally, it can help maintain water temperature , which can be especially helpful in areas where nights may be cool.


Pool covers can also help improve the safety of your pool by preventing children and pets from accidentally falling into the water . Automatic covers can be particularly useful because they can be locked to prevent unauthorized access .

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If you are looking for a solution to cover your swimming pool and enjoy your swimming area all year round , swimming pool enclosures are the ideal answer. Flat, low, mid-height and high pool enclosures allow you to choose the height that best suits your needs. terraces and pool domes give you a panoramic view of your garden while protecting your pool . With a sliding pool enclosure , you can easily open and close your pool depending on the weather . A telescopic flat enclosure or glass or double glazed pool conservatory can be customized to suit the size and shape of your pool . A pool cover heater can extend your swimming season and make using your pool more enjoyable . Motorized and solar pool enclosures also add convenience and energy efficiency . Whatever your choice, a tailor-made swimming pool enclosure will meet all your requirements. Opt for a heated indoor swimming pool and enjoy your swimming pool area all year round thanks to ESPACE COVER .