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Draco - Round spa shelter

In a very bright setting, the Draco model spa shelter offers you a real additional room dedicated to your spa . Its circular shapes pivot on a central axis allowing you to discover your spa on sunny days .

The osmosis diffused within this loving cocoon will take you on a journey into a timeless moment of well-being .

This uniquely designed dome allows for perfect architectural integration thanks to its very softened lines and completely transparent glazing .

Much more than a spa shelter , this dome thanks to its configuration has propelled us into export thanks to customers who have allowed us to broaden our horizon (VOUTE). Draco model has become a benchmark on the market for high-end aluminum screens . We have delivered restaurants , hotels , campsites , unusual accommodations in order to allow lovers to spend unusual nights .

All these professionals have trusted us by investing in a Draco model spa dome , allowing users to spend unforgettable nights and offering a unique experience inside this atypical accommodation .