Low swimming pool shelters

Are you looking for a solution to protect your swimming pool while maintaining a pleasant aesthetic for your garden? Opt for the low swimming pool enclosures offered by ESPACE COVER , specialist in swimming pool enclosures , terraces and spas for over 23 years.

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The advantages of the low swimming pool enclosure

Effective protection against bad weather

Thanks to their reduced height, low swimming pool enclosures are perfectly suited to windy regions or areas subject to bad weather. They offer you effective protection against natural elements (rain, wind, snow, etc.) and thus preserve the quality of your bathing water while avoiding excessive evaporation . This will allow you to extend the swimming season and enjoy your pool even when the weather conditions are not optimal .

Significant space saving

Unlike high swimming pool enclosures , low swimming pool enclosures do not require a high ceiling height. They thus save appreciable space , especially if your garden is small. In addition, low swimming pool enclosures are often less subject to urban planning restrictions than mid-height or high , which makes their installation easier in certain neighborhoods.

A harmonious aesthetic with your garden

The low swimming pool enclosures offered by ESPACE COVER are designed to integrate harmoniously into your garden . You can opt for a low shelter in unbreakable polycarbonate or laminated safety glass to enjoy a panoramic view of your garden , or choose a swimming pool shelter in cellular polycarbonate to benefit from excellent thermal insulation . In addition, our wide range of products allows you to personalize your low swimming pool enclosure according to your tastes and your budget.

Increased comfort of use

Low swimming pool enclosures are often equipped with comfort options, such as solar motorization , LED lighting , CLIMABRIS type heating , blinds , privacy screens , cat flaps or even mosquito nets . These options offer you increased comfort of use, while facilitating the maintenance of your low swimming pool enclosure .

The options available at ESPACE COVER

The low transparent swimming pool shelter from Espace Cover

The low swimming pool cover offered by ESPACE COVER is an ideal solution for swimming pool owners who wish to preserve a clear view of their garden . This low shelter is equipped with 8mm thick 44/2 laminated safety glass glazing , offering a panoramic view of your garden. You can also opt for compact, shatterproof polycarbonate panels , which are lighter than organic glass and can be more affordable in terms of cost.

Easy installation

The low pool enclosure is easy to install and can be equipped with different options to improve your comfort, such as a heating system to extend the swimming season , or solar panels to power the lighting in your enclosure .

Additional security for your swimming pool

The low shelter provides effective protection against leaves, insects and other debris that may fall into your pool. It can also help maintain water temperature by limiting evaporation , saving on heating and chemical costs .

Finally, the low pool enclosure is an ideal solution for pool owners who want to ensure the safety of their family and pets by preventing children or pets from falling into the pool .

There are a variety of low pool enclosure to meet the needs and preferences of pool owners. Telescopic, sliding and removable pool enclosures allow maximum flexibility, while motorized pool enclosures provide additional comfort . Glass and polycarbonate pool enclosures offer stunning views of your garden, while aluminum pool enclosures are durable and easy to maintain . Whether you are looking for a custom pool enclosure , trackless or with double glazing , there is a solution to meet your specific needs.