Large swimming pool shelter - Olympic, leisure center...

The swimming pool enclosure is an element that is increasingly popular with individuals and professionals. It extends the swimming season , protects the pool from bad weather , and also provides additional safety for children or animals . However, when you have a large swimming pool , it can be difficult to find a suitable shelter . This is where ESPACE COVER , the expert in large swimming pool covers for over 23 years.

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Swimming pool enclosures for all professionals

Swimming pool shelter for hotels, campsites and holiday centers

For professionals in the hotel industry, outdoor hotels and holiday centers, offering their customers an indoor swimming pool is a real asset. This makes it possible to offer a quality service, whatever the weather. ESPACE COVER offers large swimming pool covers that can adapt to all shapes of swimming pools and all space configurations .

Swimming pool shelter for water parks and sports complexes

Water parks and sports complexes have specific needs in terms of tailor-made swimming pool enclosures . It must be able to accommodate a large number of people, while offering optimal protection against bad weather . ESPACE COVER offers long-span swimming pool enclosures , up to 30m wide , which meet these requirements.

Swimming pool shelter for leisure centers and tourist residences

Leisure centers and tourist residences also have every interest in offering an indoor swimming pool to their customers. This makes it possible to diversify the leisure offer and attract customers who seek comfort and security. ESPACE COVER offers large, tailor-made swimming pool covers that adapt to all configurations.

Swimming pool shelter for private residences and cruise ships

Finally, for individuals who have a large swimming pool , or for cruise ships , ESPACE COVER offers large tailor-made swimming pool covers , which meet all requirements in terms of quality, aesthetics and functionality. . Whatever the project, swimming pool, spa or terrace , ESPACE COVER does everything possible to offer a tailor-made service, adapted to each client.

Large tailor-made swimming pool enclosures

Large-width glass shelter and long-span shelter

At ESPACE COVER , we specialize in the manufacture of large swimming pool enclosures . We use a technique similar to the veranda , and our spacer assembly allows us to offer a wide range of solutions. We can make large glass swimming pool enclosures and long-span swimming pool enclosures to adapt to all shapes and sizes of swimming pools , including Olympic swimming pools (the name of our model, Hercules , does not mislead!) . The guide monorails are installed by our technical teams on the terrace. A central axis mounted on a double sealed ball bearing allows micrometric opening + smooth and precise opening + an unalterable anti-lift system . Implementation is instantaneous and no bolting to the ground is required thanks to our unique guidance system. The structural hoops are assembled using a massive double bracket in aeronautical quality 7075 alloy and welds are carried out on site by our technicians to increase the rigidity and mechanical resistance of the structure. Our shelters comply with all European standards and requirements. NFP 90-309 – DTU -NV65 – AFNOR standards (swimming pool safety) etc.

Espace Cover your partner

We work with top quality materials to ensure the durability and safety of our swimming pool enclosures . In particular, we use tempered or laminated glass for the walls and polycarbonate for the roofs . Our shelters are also equipped with ventilation systems to avoid condensation and guarantee good ventilation .

We offer large, tailor-made swimming pool enclosures to meet all the needs and requirements of our customers. We can thus create swimming pool shelters in the shape of a dome, vault or even telescopic swimming pool shelters for use all year round.

We also ensure the installation of our large swimming pool enclosures by our teams of professionals to guarantee a quality installation that complies with current standards.


In short, whether you own a hotel, a campsite, a holiday center, a water park, a sports complex, a leisure center, a tourist residence, 'a private residence, a cruise ship or a nautical installation, you can benefit from the advantages offered by a tailor-made swimming pool enclosure . XXL swimming pool enclosures , such as municipal and Olympic swimming pool enclosures , as well as large glass and long-span swimming pool enclosures are our specialty at ESPACE COVER , and we are proud to be both a manufacturer and installer of large shelters for public and private installations .


Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your large tailor-made swimming pool enclosure , we will be happy to assist you in its realization.