Spa and jacuzzi shelters

Having a spa at home is an undeniable luxury that allows you to relax and unwind, whether alone, with family or with friends. However, to enjoy it all year round , it is essential to protect your spa from bad weather, dead leaves, insects and the sun's harmful UV rays . This is where spa shelters from ESPACE COVER , specialist in swimming pool , terrace and spa for over 23 years.

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Why choose an EspaceCover spa shelter?

Superior quality spa shelters

ESPACE COVER uses a technology similar to that of verandas to manufacture its spa shelters , using a spacer assembly system which makes it possible to offer a wide range of solutions. Whether you want a 10mm, 16mm, 25mm cellular polycarbonate sandwich panel, safety glass or double glazing , we have the solution you need. Our assembly system via double bracket + welding also allows us to offer jacuzzi shelters that are among the most resistant to wind and/or snow on the market .

A wide choice of spa shelters

ESPACE COVER offers a prestigious selection of spa covers with a variety of styles and options that suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for a glass and polycarbonate spa shelter , a 4-season spa shelter, a trackless spa shelter, an aluminum spa shelter, a telescopic spa shelter or a sliding spa shelter , you will find it at Espace Cover the spa shelter that meets your needs . Discover our Best Sellers: the DRACO and HELIOS

Our Services and Our Expertise

A personalized study of your project

At Espace Cover , we do not offer standard outdoor spa shelters tailor-made spa shelters , manufactured by specialized units for each type of product. We also have a design office that can find the most suitable solution, even for the most complex spa cover We also offer personalized support, with a single speaker to facilitate communication and better target your search criteria in terms of spa dome . Our dealers will be available to carry out a personalized study of your project , in order to offer you the spa bubble that perfectly meets your expectations.

Options to increase your comfort

At ESPACE COVER , we are convinced that using your spa veranda should be a moment of absolute relaxation and relaxation . This is why we offer a wide range of options to improve your comfort and make your spa experience even more enjoyable .

Motorized spa shelters

We offer motorized spa shelters that are easy to use and move. Thanks to our motorization system, you can open and close your spa shelter effortlessly , allowing you to enjoy your spa at any time.


We also offer a heating system for your spa shelter which allows you to enjoy your spa all year round , even when the temperatures are cool. Our heating system is efficient and energy efficient , allowing you to enjoy your spa without having to worry about high heating costs.

LED lighting

We offer LED lighting for your spa shelter , which creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in your spa . Our LED lighting is energy efficient and easy to use, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance within your spa rotunda .

Storage unit

We offer a storage unit directly integrated into the lower part of the rotunda . This piece of furniture allows you to store all accessories, cleaning products, towels, refrigerator or other equipment + lock.

Blinds and privacy screens

We offer blinds and privacy screens for your spa enclosure , which allow you to control the amount of light that enters your spa . Blinds and privacy screens also provide privacy , allowing you to enjoy your spa in peace .

Folding doors and transparent glass curtains

We offer folding doors and transparent glass curtains for your spa shelter , which allow you to create a complete or partial opening onto your spa depending on your preferences. doors and transparent glass curtains are also very aesthetic and create a modern and sophisticated look for your spa shelter .

Rotunda and other shapes

We also offer round spa enclosures and other shapes to suit all your needs and aesthetic preferences. Our design team can create a custom spa enclosure that perfectly matches your specifications.

Roof equipped with energy-producing glazing

Our new HELIOS model spa shelter has been revisited to adapt to increases in energy prices. We offer a PREMIUM spa shelter equipped with energy-producing glass on the roof . These windows equipped with photovoltaic cells make it possible to generate sufficient power to power a heat pump and heat the spa water without energy costs .

Why Choose EspaceCover?

At ESPACE COVER , we are proud to offer a wide range of premium quality spa covers that meet all your needs and aesthetic preferences. We have over 23 years of experience designing and manufacturing swimming pool, patio and spa enclosures and have built a solid reputation for our craftsmanship, professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction. .

Whatever your choice of spa shelter , you will be able to enjoy your spa all year round in optimal comfort and sheltered from bad weather . The same goes for your swimming pool to which we can add a custom or large . Contact us.