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Royal Emporium

Prestige - Enrichment of the heritage

ROYAL EMPORIUM reserved for the most noble sites, its configuration allows it to be adapted to all types of architecture (contemporary – mansion – architect’s house, manor house…). Its custom manufacturing allows it to be installed on very complex sites whatever its shape and immediate environment: differences in levels – asymmetry – slopes – double widths – leaning…) This new concept of telescopic roofing shelter will bring you a versatile modularity for a perfect balance of life during the 4 seasons.

ROYAL EMPORIUM is the most aesthetic and prestigious solution that requires a thorough study and a custom-made realization associated with a good coordination of the works. A wide range of options are available to personalize your future living space around the pool: Led lighting – Nautical hifi sound – Retractable glass curtains – Rotunda type bottom or front – Motorization – Heating.