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The large size shelter for public spaces

Our HERCULES pool enclosure is the assurance of swimming in all seasons.

Allowing an increase of 20% of the filling rate of your leisure center, this type of shelter is a profitable investment in any season. No matter what the weather, our shelter ensures comfortable bathing for your customers while reducing your heating bill.

In addition, the operating and maintenance costs of your pool will be reduced by 50 to 80%. Your investment will pay off in the short term.

The design of our Espacecover**** wide-body shelter is unique on the market.

HERCULES is equipped with safety glass or double glazing on the sides and front. The guide rails are embedded directly in the deck. The corner cut-outs are provided with an alloy bracket which is reinforced by welds made on site. For a perfect finish, finishing profiles are installed at the end of the assembly process.

This manufacturing process makes it possible to produce structures up to 26 meters wide.

Abri Grandes dimensions Hercule