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Borealis M

Ideal combination of aesthetics and bathing

Our #1 seller, for many, it’s the perfect height. This shelter was designed to give you a space full of possibilities. These clean, glass-like lines will blend in perfectly with your surroundings. The BOREALIS model is a low shelter allowing an ideal height to practice swimming. Even in bad weather, the Borealis shelter will allow you to carry out your aquatic activities.

An exclusive guide system without floor rails allows for easy and effortless operation.

The XXL+ access hatch is exclusive to ESPACE COVER and provides users with absolute access comfort. A solar motorization designed by our research department is available on the whole range of telescopic shelters; Discover the new telescopic version equipped with anti-lift technology specially designed for areas with strong winds. The elements are no longer integral on this version, allowing a partial opening, by the middle or integral.