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ESPACECOVER**** specialist of the shelter of swimming pool, terrace and Spa since many years, proposes ON ALL THE FRANCE a complete range of shelters to measure to satisfy the tastes of each one.

ESPACECOVER**** installs swimming pool covers all over France and abroad. Our network of dealers located near your home will be available for a personalized study of your project. The range of ESPACECOVER**** pool enclosures are adapted to all styles of environment, up to the most complicated configurations our design office will find the most suitable solution.

A personalized accompaniment allowing you to better target your search criteria will be carried out by a single person in order to facilitate communication. All ESPACECOVER enclosure models are made to measure, by specialized units for each type of product. Many options are available to increase the comfort of use of your pool enclosure – terrace or pergola: solar motorization, heating, LED lighting, blinds, shades, cat flaps, mosquito nets, weather station, cleaning products to facilitate the maintenance of your enclosure, folding doors, transparent glass curtains, rotunda etc. …

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by providing them with quality advice, an installation with beautiful finishes and a 10 year guarantee to enrich your quality of life. ESPACECOVER offers you a top-of-the-range service in order to better enrich your real estate assets. The aesthetics of a well-made work is without hesitation the reason that will make you acquire a shelter ESPACECOVER****


A pool cover to ensure safety

The installation of protective equipment around private pools has been mandatory since January 2003, to limit the risk of drowning, especially for children under 5 years old. The NF P 90-309 standard defines the minimum safety requirements to which pool enclosures must conform: resistance to bad weather, inaccessibility to children under 5 years of age, and safety (for both children and adults). There are many models of pool enclosures: high, low, removable, telescopic, motorized… With this wide range, it is impossible not to find the one that will fit your situation, your needs… and your pool. To choose, start from the use you want: protection of the pool only, relaxation area allowing to install deckchairs and dining area, etc. This is what will determine the use of a low, intermediate or high shelter.

Choose the shape of pool enclosure that suits you

Determine which of the different pool enclosure shapes will beautify your garden, or which will be the most practical and efficient according to your needs.
  • The flat removable pool enclosure is a cover placed over your pool. The roof is slightly arched. This is the entry-level shelter.
  • The cut-side shelter is similar to the classic shelter: it is straight but its corners are cut. It is an elegant but more expensive form.
  • The domed pool enclosure (or “basket handle”) is the most commonly used. It is known for its very affordable price.
  • Finally, the mixed pool enclosure combines two styles: the classic enclosure and the dome. Its walls are straight and its roof is rounded, it is the most aesthetic new generation shelter

The advantages of a pool cover

The pool cover allows you to extend the season (more or less long depending on the height of the cover) because it increases the water and air temperature, simply and free of charge. Heating your pool enclosure is necessary if you want to swim all year round. Despite the investment it requires, the pool enclosure also allows certain savings in terms of maintenance of your pool water. The shelter protects the water from bad weather and pollution: it therefore preserves its quality. As a real comfort tool, the pool enclosure ensures that you can swim in peace and quiet in an enclosed space reserved for relaxation.

Find the perfect size for your pool enclosure

Depending on the desired comfort, 4 sizes of pool enclosures are available.

  • The low pool enclosure does not exceed 1 meter in height. It is easy to handle and quickly warms up your bathing area. Discreet, it blends easily into the landscape. However, it is impossible to walk around the pool with a low pool enclosure.
  • The high pool enclosure (1m90 to more than 3m) is a real living room. Whether you are in the pool or sitting by the water, these are moments of pleasure to share
  • The semi-high shelter is a good compromise between a low shelter and a high shelter. It measures between 1m20 and 1m80.
  • More rare, the bi-corps enclosure is a flat pool enclosure over the entire surface of the pool except at the access to the pool where it is similar to a high enclosure.

Which technology for your pool cover?

The pool enclosures can be fixed or opening. Fixed high shelters require a building permit. They can never be opened and thus constitute a room of its own, sometimes attached to the house like a veranda. Fixed pool enclosures are often classic, tall enclosures. There are also many solutions to partially or totally uncover your pool:
  • The removable shelter is the most economical. Its lightweight, self-contained modules are easily moved to the side of the pool.
  • The liftable shelter is made of vaulted modules that can be lifted up.
  • The telescopic shelter can be opened completely. The different parts fit into each other and then into a fixed element, like a telescope.
  • The semi-sliding pool enclosure is designed in the same way as a sliding pool enclosure, except that one of the two modules is fixed.

Maintain your pool cover

Just like the maintenance of the pool or its water, it is recommended to maintain your pool cover to prolong its life.

  • Clean the panels and structure of the pool enclosure regularly, without using chemicals, scrapers or high pressure jets.
  • If your pool enclosure is open, open it from time to time, even when you are not using your pool, to ensure its proper operation.
  • Remove the snow from the roof of your pool enclosure.